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The holidays are upon us and there are very important people in our world that deserve thoughtful, inspired gifts that we are equally proud to be giving. Since we don’t all have time to be perusing every possible option, I’ve selected a few really amazing choices to get that list started for you. So grab a cup of hot tea, a note pad and a sharp pencil, snuggle into your favorite chair and let’s get started with some fun and inspired ideas.

For the Foodie

I’ve discovered this fabulous little boutique artisan dry goods company, Beautiful Briny Sea , that creates small-batch salt blends, sugars, and other culinary products. They offer salt blends with names like French Picnic, Friends Forever and Magic Unicorn. These make lovely hostess gifts or get a collection of choices for those who love to cook… or eat. Bonus- it’s all 15% off through Monday, coupon code 15!

For the Athlete

Those who are dedicated to working out- or those even looking to commit to working out need it to be fun and interesting to stay engaged. Naples’ only indoor cycling studio, Cycle Guroo, riders experience a class like nothing they’ve experienced before. Stadium seating, live DJ for music, LED lighting and the most inspiring and pumped instructors I ever seen… like going to your favorite night club, but you’ll still feel good about it the next morning, like really good! The studio’s Guroo, Charla Goodnight will make sure your inner guroo is tapped and along for the ride. Gift a single, 5 class, 10 class all the way up to a monthly unlimited pass. Are you ready for a serious commitment…? Add a monthly unlimited for yourself. Prices start as low as $10.

For the Family

We are all constantly trying to find ways to spend more quality time with our family. Sometimes it comes down to the environment, so why not design one. SUNS Brand Store, a gorgeous new Dutch designed outdoor furniture company has opened it’s doors in Naples and people are loving it, because it’s doing what it’s designed to do- bring people together. Update your outdoor space with this premium-quality European styling and upgrade your quality time with friends and family. A gift that keeps giving!

For the Health Nut

Always striving to be healthier, the health nut in your world will be delighted with your choice of PJ Kabos Olive Oil. Aside from the widely known health benefits, PJ Kabos’ single varietal enchanted olive groves are located in the western Peloponnese region of Greece, close to the site of Ancient Olympia. A wonderful, healthy and decadent gift, bound to be shared with family and friends. A very special gift in several ways. $24.

For the Bookworm

Books are hard to buy for book lover as they’ve read so many, but increasing the enjoyment of the experience is easy! Here’s a perfect little set for your book lover, An Enchanted Library candle and a Gilded Books matchbox set. This will bring a huge smile and will be remembered every time they are used. $23 for both.

For the Soul Sister

I received this from my son last year and it was one of the most simple, heartfelt and perfect gifts I’ve ever received. The Little Box of Rocks is a charming eclectic collection of four or five crystals, and it comes with an explanation of their healing or spiritual powers. Each stone bouquet follows a particular theme, be it strength or wellness, or fits a certain occasion like birthdays and the holidays. Average price $45.

For all the Faces you Love

An obsession among those who have discovered it, Moxie Creed offers a line of pharmaceutical-grade skincare products that turns back the clock while keeping you nourished, refreshed and glowing. Bursting with antioxidants, perfect for all the faces that we want to keep looking fabulous. The foundation line includes Cleanser, Serum and Moisturizer. A must have for everyone on your list. Starting at $29.

For the Manly Sports Lover

Man Crates offers actual crates they get to literally break open, filled with gifts from his favorite team. Every man has a place where he is fully one with the world. For some it’s teeing off a golf ball right in the sweet spot. For others, it’s cheering as one player tackles another right in the sweet spot. Man Crates is the finish line for all the best sports gifts for men. Pick from their dream team of sports crates for all his favorite teams. Average price $99.

For the Severely Time Restricted

A gift card for a serious deep clean of their home by MaidPro will bring more comfort and stress relief anything else you could think of… sans a two-week tech-free vacation to some island somewhere. Perfect for older parents, adult children, basically anyone with a home and a life. Call 239-596-5200 to get a free estimate to guide your gift certificate amount.

For the Traveler

There is nothing that feels better than to have the perfect tools for the job, monogrammed nonetheless! Why not consider this set of a matching monogrammed passportluggage tag and charger roll-up case! All required for organized travel. Free monogramming- prices start at $32.

Gift shopping, when we have the time to do it thoughtfully, is a joyful and rewarding experience. Give yourself just a few minutes to make the list and brainstorm a few ideas with these examples to get you started. The holidays are here to be embraced and enjoyed, with a little preparation we can free ourselves of unnecessary stress and really be able to create the magic of the holidays for yourself and those around you.

Have ideas you’d like to add? Need more suggestions? Let me know!

Julie Koester is CEO of Life with Moxie, a Lifestyle Revolution Company, CEO of Moxie Creed, skincare beyond chemistry and Host of Life with Moxie Radio, Saturday’s at 1pm on 98.9 WGUF in Southwest Florida. You can reach her at

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